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Bridal Hair FAQs: Welcome

Who has a trial?

Firstly the bride must have an trial prior to her wedding day. I suggest briAny additional trials for the Bride are charged at £60 for other members of your bridal party are charged at £50 each and paid on the date of trial.

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When should I have my trial?

I recommend having your trial between 3-6 months before your wedding. I also suggest trying to book a dress fitting on the same day if possible to get a feel for how it all looks together.

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What happens at my trial?

Bridal trials are held in salon based in Albrighton Village. After booking I will ask you to have a look for some images of styles you like and want to trial. I always book out enough time to try a few styles out so that you can compare and make sure you are happy.

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Do you travel on the day?

Yes, on the day of your wedding I will travel to you wherever you are getting ready. Travel charges apply.

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When should I wash my hair?

For any kind of updo I recommend washing your hair either the night before or the morning of the day before depending on your hair type. Mainly because if it is washed too close to the trail your hair can be very soft meaning it is harder to manage. I also suggest only putting conditioner on the ends after shampooing and no styling or products so it is a blank canvas for me to work on. This goes for both trials and on the day. If you are having a blow dry then washing your hair the morning of the wedding is fine just making sure it is freshly washed right before I blow dry.

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How long does it take for you to get everyone ready on the day?

I usually allow 45 minutes per hair style and 1 hour for the bride with an extra 45 minutes at the end for finishing touches including putting in any hair accessories and a veil if you have one. I always make sure I have plenty of time.

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Can you bring somebody with you to help for larger wedding parties?

I usually try to avoid bringing anybody else with me, however sometimes if your wedding party is big and we are going to be pushed for time or needing to start ridiculously early I can arrange for somebody to come with me to assist.

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Can you recommend a makeup artist?

Yes of course. I know a lot of people in the industry and can recommend a few that I have worked closely with previously.

Bridal Hair FAQs: Text
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